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Media available in JR2, but not JR3

When I search for El. 3458104 which is available in JR,  I receive the following message in JR3: No Media found. Please see the attached for details.


Update from Ben 21 July-I have seen the same issue.


Update from Dawn 25 June-Looking for 3 Czhec eps of Jake and Neverland Pirates  - showing in JR2 but not in JR3! Have sent from JR2


Update from Ljiljana 2 July-I need to send AVENGERSASSEMB F046 DUB REF 2398 FINAL 51 20, El. 3408673 and it is not coming up in JR3. However,  it is available and appears on JR2.


Update from Dawn 10 July-When searching for AFHV files - I enter the element number for the PAL 16x9 30i file 3093193 but only the Russian LM created from this appears in Jr 3 as I guess the Russian one was created from the PAL ov file? - however the pal file does not show up - but does in Jr2; Two more instances reported 29/07/2015

  • Philip Richards
  • Sep 17 2015
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    Philip Richards commented
    September 17, 2015 08:04

    the sync got out of whack during the upgrade to production servers; we're addressing this now - high priority

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