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Material ordering issues - Saved Searches

Comment from Alex 13 July - Also on the above (RE: JR3-I-2) when i saved the search,  the files are not in order.  The sort functionility does not work.  In the saved functionality your cannot view in list format still in grid format.    See screenshot attached.

  • Philip Richards
  • Sep 17 2015
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    Philip Richards commented
    September 17, 2015 07:16

    Saved Search Sort, Feature #8200 not yet planned
    Saved Search edit, Feature #8201 not yet planned

  • Admin
    Philip Richards commented
    September 17, 2015 07:19

    Vendor says cost to implement = $20k.
    I'd like feedback on weight against other priorities.

    From the vendor:
    In order to do #8201 properly we need to re-architect the current search documents. The way we've planned to do this is to re-architect them in Elastic Search so they stay the same in Vidispine, but we can leverage the more modern architecture in our development.

    In regards to #8200:
    In 2.1 we're enabling sorting/filtering within a Saved Search, but I assume you mean sorting and searching the actual list of Saved searches correct?

    Here's what we can realistically offer:
    - Scope of #8200, #8201, #8202, #8203, and #8204
    - Delivery: End of November (betas can be delivered earlier)
    - Total cost: $20,000

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