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Material ordering issues

When searching for a sub folder in production masters- they all appear from Z-A reversed Alphabet (not even that as Marvel comics comes first) - the sort by ascending/decending button under filters does not appear to be working?  Can we not have the product appear from a-z or even better once you are in the production masters, a search field where you  can type the "show" that you are looking for Rather than having to go through every page?

Raised by Dawn


Comment from Dawn on 4 June - After showing the above to a colleague it actually reverted back to numbers first, then A-Z! Intemittent issue.


Comment from Alex 13 July - Also on the above when i saved the search,  the files are not in order.  The sort functionility does not work.  In the saved functionality your cannot view in list format still in grid format.    See screenshot attached.

  • Philip Richards
  • Sep 17 2015
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    Philip Richards commented
    September 17, 2015 06:53

    There are two requests here:

    Request 1:
    The bug on Sort Collections By Title has been submitted to the vendor as Bug #8199

    Request 2:
    Search functionality already allows the search for "Production Masters/[show name]" (use regular search, not Collection search). The folder within a folder structure should be done away with. If regular search is tedious for the workflow, then Saved Searches is an option. If Saved Searches is too tedious for the workflow then wait for the Collection Pane view feature. We may also be able to extend the new Dashboard functionality to suit the workflow, but that is just under exploration now.

    Saved Search Sort, Feature #8200 not yet planned
    Saved Search edit, Feature #8201 not yet planned
    Collection Pane, Feature #8190, scheduled for 2.2 release in October

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