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Associated items identified when searching

When searching for El. #3302401, I get a list of all the files created from the same source.

Raised by Ljiljana

Update from Dawn 14 July-though I have asked for Production masters only so technically English, some Spanish files are showing in the results!  We have checked the metadata and these Spanish files are located in the Language masers folder

  • Philip Richards
  • Sep 17 2015
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    Philip Richards commented
    September 17, 2015 07:47

    to Ljiljana - That number is in the WMLS metadata field "Made From" (example Made From: E#3302401 / 2.0 EL#3093470 & 5.1 EL#3093471), so you would expect them to show up in a generic search.
    you can used the Advanced Search WMLS Element ID field to get what you want. if that’s tedious because this is a regular thing you do, i can a) ask the vendor if there is a search string you can use in the generic search box, b) i can see if we can raise the WMLS field in the Advanced search up to the top, c) we can look at displaying the wmls ID in the search results metadata, or d) we can build a widget/searchbox for the dashboard specifically for searching WMLS ID. this requires further discussion on your use case

    to Dawn - are you using the advanced search NRG term to select a Production Master? if you supply a screenshot of your search fields filled out i can try and replicate what you are seeing

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